“Free TV” sounds like something too difficult to digest. How in this
world can someome offer free TV for lifetime? But with SwellHD+, you can watch
all of your favourite shows and movies absolutely free of cost. SwellHD+ antenna is making it easier for watching

With SwellHD+, it is easier to tap onto those shows and movies for which
you had to pay hefty charges. Just in a matter of few minutes, you can explore
the world of news, entertainment and various shows. Why spend hundreds of
dollars per month when you can simply get most of it for free?

SwellHD+ is an easy to use antenna that is completely legal. Normally
when you think about antennas, the first thing that comes to the mind is those
bunny ears sticking out from the TV. But the upgrade in technology has
introduced various attributes to the antenna. The modern TV antennas like
SwellHD+ is sleek and discreet looking. It has a slim profile, making it easier
to be placed behind the furniture or pictures. It can also be placed under the
cabinets or near the window.

Quite a compact looking antenna, it has been specially designed with
military technique. Do not go on the size of this antenna, it is quite powerful
in terms of picking up signal reception. Also this antenna is durable and long
lasting. The SwellHD+ antenna comes along with everything that is needed to
mount and start the antenna. There are no additional tools required.

Due to the razor thing design of this antenna, it can blend well with
the décor of the room. It can be connected to any device thus making it easier
to watch TV on your computer, laptops or HD receiver boxes.

SwellHD+ is a multidirectional antenna hence placement would also not be
an issue. It can provide crystal clear picture quality. SwellHD+ antennas can
pick up signals in the range of 30miles. If you have an amplifier, then it can
further extend this capacity to 50miles.

Do not be worried when it comes to the channels that you can watch
through SwellHD+. Few of the major broadcasting networks are available such as,
NBC, ABC, CW, Fox, CBS, and many more. Though the company claims to provide 90
out of 100 channels, but is completely depends on the nearest broadcasting
tower and other factors.

Note that you would not be able to watch any premium channels such as
Starz or HBO. These are anyways not available through any antenna. To get these
channels, you may need to subscribe separately.

One of the best things with SwellHD+ is that there are no long term
contracts that need to be signed. It does not cost you any monthly rental. All
you would need to do is pay a one-time cost for the antenna and you get
lifetime free TV. The design, technology, and number of channels made available
make this antenna a great choice for cord cutters. Surely, you would not want
to miss out on this opportunity of watching free TV.