Tip: Skype has a BAD browser Add-On Extension that you need to disable. Skype is a wonderful program that offers people worldwide the ability to videoconference for free, talk for free, share screens and share files.  But Skype also has a ridiculous browser extension (also called "add-on" or plug-in) that causes oversized FLAGS (flag icons) to cover over any phone numbers detected in web pages, often completely blocking access to buttons that one might need to click on a web site. Realtors will find MLS software impossible to use with the add-on active.  Any browser based data screen with phone numbers shown on the screen could suffer problems. Skyp users should enter the options/preferences of all browsers (Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/Chrome) & disable the HORRID Skype browser plugin.  I'm a big FAN of Skype, just not of its browser add-ons.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 June 2010 13:30