TIP: GET CONTROL OF MICROSOFT WINDOWS AUTOUPDATE.  New Windows PCs come with automatic download and installation of Microsoft updates as the default setting.  The HUGE problem is- the setting also allows autoupdate to reboot the computer, regardless of whatever else is going on.  Recently, a client of mine was running a major hard drive restoration procedure that was going to take 12 hours from start to finish, and it could not be interrupted.  He didn't realize that autoupdate was on, and it rebooted his PC just 4 hours into the data recovery!  When he returned to his PC the next morning he had to restart the recovery from the beginning.  That was not a good moment.

Type "Windows Update" at the search box in the Windows START menu, or look for Windows Update in the control panel.  In the Windows update settings, either turn updating off, OR set Windows update to download updates but NOT install them until you tell the computer to do so.  Either of these setting will prevent reboot.   They will also turn your security center icon shield YELLOW in the system tray, but ignore it- you're doing the right thing.

Last Updated on Saturday, 19 June 2010 05:46