What Clients/Associates Say About Miko


"Miko is an amazingly creative programmer. He created new programming solutions that cut thousands of lines of code out of our programs and simplified the result to be easily used by even the most novice programmer. The techniques he implemented were the primary solution to identifying and creating hundreds of unique codes that were automatically loaded allowing UC Berkeley to track and report on our Annual Unrestricted Funds that spanned the entire campus and touched over 160,000 records two or more times a month. Today we refer to these artfully crafted procedures, still in use, as the 'Miko Subroutines'."

Rannah McIntosh, Associate Director of Advancement Information Management, University of California, Berkeley


"When we moved our business online, Miko provided us with helpful information every step of the way, from advice on what computer to purchase to how to set up a web site, from what camera and scanner to purchase to what software to use and how to use it to edit images. Miko has a broad range of expertise in a wide variety of areas essential to successfully creating and maintaining an online presence. Miko is a creative and quick problem solver when we run into difficulties as well. His knowledge of computers, web design, software, and photography is vast, and he is able to answer questions in terms that are readily understandable even if you don't have a background in any of those subjects. We highly recommend Miko!"

Elizabeth and Anne Ruffing, South Carolina- Prominent American artists featured at http://ruffings.com and The Art of Elizabeth Ruffing


"I chose Miko to develop the Joomla website I use in half my work life, and when an organization I run under my other hat needed a web site, we took the business to Miko again. We've been happy with his design of logos and sites, with his Joomla CMS management skills, and with his timely support." 

John Weeks, Publisher-Editor of The Integrator Blog News & Reports  and Executive Director, Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care


"Mr. Miko has been looking after my computers for three years now, and I am delighted with his results.  As a video producer, I have some particularly challenging computing issues to deal with, including the setup and management of Windows 7 software on a Macbook, storage and transfer of very large files, remote connectivity to clients' internal networks, and synchronizing information between my desktop, laptop and  iphone. Miko quickly grasped all the issues and worked efficiently to resolve them, fitting me into his schedule promptly. He is also very responsive to quick questions when unexpected problems arise. I have recommended Mr. Miko's services highly to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so."

David Merwin.  Seattle, WA.  Merwin Productions, LLC


 "Miko is a wunderkind. His brain is as fast as lightening. Not only is he a superlative problem solver, but he will often devise multiple, creative pathways to the goal while educating you in detail along the way. Miko's mind is so gifted that he has, on many occasions, remembered various passwords of mine when I myself have forgotten them...and he has many clients. How does he do it?"

Dr. Joanna Forwell, ND.  Seattle, WA.  Vitalia Health Center

I have been fortunate to be the recipient of Miko's computer consulting services as a business owner in real time and now in a remote setting as a virtual end user. In this high tech world we live in, technology know how is a must, and Miko is an expert in hardware and software from both a problem solving and applications perspective. His depth and breadth of technology is amazing and equates to the results you need to get the job done. His expertise freed me up to concentrate on running my business. His on site and over the phone consultations allowed my to operate without interruption. Recently, I relocated to the East Coast and am embarking on another business venture. Miko has provided me with phone consultations and has actually remotely accessed my computer to accomplish the goal at hand. Use Miko. You will be a satisfied client.

Kathy Burnett, Holland-Brooks Appraisal Services (previously Seattle, and now NYC)


"Miko has helped us for years with all our computer and technical needs.  We have both Macs and PCs. He is equally adept with both genres. He is extremely knowledgable and creative in troubleshooting and solving any problems whether they be simple glitches, major meltdowns or help with website or other online projects. He has many other skills which he brings to the table, including graphics, photography, fluency in several languages, and musical prowess. Most of all he is a caring individual and is responsive and there for you when you need him."

Jeff Stein, Owner, Crystal Panes Window Cleaning

"I am a small business owner (who is computer challenged) and I can breath easy knowing Miko is a phone call or e-mail away.  He set up my Mac quickly and efficiently and recently talked me through a major e-mail disaster step by step on a moments notice.  He is prompt and thorough and always follows up afterwards to make sure the problem was resolved.  Thanks Miko!"

Tiffany Wendel, Seattle Area Style Consultant


“Miko did amazing things for my website.  He is brilliant, very knowledgeable, and a great person to work with.  I recommend him highly!”

Paula Wilkinson, Dressed for Show Home Staging 


"Miko has helped me enormously with my website and my photo skills.  I started working with Miko over a year ago and he has helped make my website more professional and accurate.  The photos of my paintings are really good and they are a good representation of my work.  My photo skills have really improved in that I have learned to use Photoshop and now take much better quality pictures.  I have more ability to figure things out on my own than before.  He has shared with me all the tricks in the book.  I would give him a great recommendation as a professional who would be able to help you with many aspects of business, website and photo ability.  Miko has really been here for me and has gotten me out of many jams and problems!  I really like Miko and give him an "A" as a professional website and photo guy.  

Helaine Ettinger, visual artist/painter, Helainart.com


I am retired but actually do a lot of work on my computer.  My calendar is kept there as well as many other parts of my life. When my email was hacked into a few months ago, it was a devastating feeling.  A friend recommended Miko to me and he was not only helpful but also very supportive.  We were able to set a date quickly for him to come over and he got me back up and running (and with extra protection) in no time.  I highly recommend him.

Robin Dearling, Queen Anne Neighborhood Association, Seattle, WA 


"Miko is the first person who provided me with technical assistance who actually made the experience fun!  He has more patience than anyone I have worked with and he took me from quivering at the sight of computer error messages to confidently moving through them.  He is imaginative, quirky, and goes the extra mile.  I now help other people who used to be afraid of technology too (though of course not at his level).  I am sincerely indebted to him for the incredible work he has done for me.  I also never had so much fun learning. He is a super pick.  Oh... and his photography is simply amazing.  Who EVER thought of producing an incredible photo of a sea shell by SCANNING it?? His photo collection of the Space Needle should be in a coffee table book ( I keep telling him).  This guy isn't your usual guy and you don't get the usual results. He's 'out of the box' altogether.  You are sure to get 'out of the box' results with any photographic endeavor!"

Lynne Maiden.  San Diego, CA.  Groundworks for Healing.


"Other computer technicians we've employed to help us with our PC and Mac problems have been impatient with the steep learning curve of us 'over 70' users,  but not Miko.  In addition to computer help, he has helped solve Blackberry and cable television problems, too.   It has been a pleasure to recommend him to other friends."

Lloyd Herman, former Arts and Crafts curator for the Smithsonian, and Dick Wilson, Normandy Park, WA 


"I am a 93 year old, retired, manufacturer/Inventor.  I was one of several pioneers in Cable Television and invented a number of Analog devices essential to the industry.  I cabled Seattle in 1949 and built Cable Systems throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  Because all my designs were Analog, I paid little attention to Digital.  As a result, I am still trying to master Computers.  Miko has been a Godsend and thru the  years of my retirement has shepherded me thru the earliest to the latest of Mac iterations.  In my business career I employed many engineers in the US and Japan... and can truthfully say that none had the depth of knowledge that seems to flow from Miko.  I recommend him without reservation."



"Like a lot of families, we have our share of computer problems - viruses, network bugs, trouble with new hardware and software - and for several years now Miko has been our go-to guy for help.  He not only solves the problem but teaches you how to avoid it in the future, he's responsive, and a very friendly guy to have in your home and around your kids.  And he never makes us feel like our problems are too dumb (which I'm sure they are!)"

Mark in Seattle


"I live in Massachusettes but my mom lives in Seattle.  I found MIKO on the web and have sent him over to her house (she's 90!) about 3 times now in the past couple of years.  He always gets right to things, fixes whatever is wrong and my mom is always very pleased.  I highly recommend him to anyone with computer difficulties, especially if you can't get there yourself."

Michael in Massachusetts 


* Miko wishes to thank all the people listed on this page for their continued support! *

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