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Written by Miko   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 12:39
  1. Always keep ALL music files within folders inside the ITunes Music folder. Never spread music in the same library across disks OR partitions.  You should really choose in Preferences to “Let ITunes Keep your Folder Organized” by artist and album, because then you’ll know when the metadata is wrong, &  it will track duplicates more effectively. 

  2. If your ITunes library is on an external disk & you pointed there in Preferences- NEVER start UP ITunes without that disk plugged in & powered on or the library might reset to the C (or internal main) drive. 

  3. When your music is all in one place and the location preferences points to the right ITunes Music folder, but the library gets corrupted, simply select ALL music in your list, delete it from the library BUT *NOT* from the disk, then File > Add Folder To Library > and point to ITunes Music folder and click choose/select to have it scour the entire folder and re-add all the music in there.

  4. Not all music files work with all versions of ITunes. If you once imported files to RealPlayer or Windows Media, you may need to use a converter to convert wma, ram, asx files, and others, to ITunes formats like aac and mp3.

  5. If your IPOD disk is smaller than your ITunes music collection, create a playlist of a size that will fit on the iPod (or iPhone) and sync the device only to that playlist.

  6. If you import music from a CD or DVD when not connected to the Internet, you may not get any of the metadata- artist, album name, or song title. Always be connected to the Internet when imported from audio CDs or DVDs.

  7. If you've ended up with lots of music without Track name, artist, or title, use SHAZAM on Android, Droid, G1 or iPhone to see if it might recognize the song artist, title and album.


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