Photographic Services

Miko studied Photography at Yale University and has been a photographer for more than two decades.  He has been a principle product photographer and food stylist for ICI-USA, LLC for the housewares brand Tovolo®- his images for ICI have appeared on hundreds of International web sites and on well known sites such as the New York Times online Style magazine &

Miko has also provided photographic services for local catering companies including As You Like It Catering of Seattle.  He is currently working on a book of Seattle photography.  The landscape used for the banner is one of Miko's photos.

Miko provides the following Photography Services:

  • Images for your web site, fully transparency-masked as needed
  • Magazine and print quality 16 bit Adobe RGB images for marketed products, stand-alone, group, and packaged, plus associated image editing and fully  transparency-masking as needed (masked images can be delivered as 24-bit png)
  • Premium custom stock photography
  • Styled scenarios with hand models
  • Example images
  • Images for real estate listings
  • Food styling
  • Photographs of artwork
  • Assisted photo editing to realize an artistic vision using Photoshop
  • Event photography (but NOT sports)
  • Wedding reception photography
  • basic people shots
  • Actor portfolios and head shots - Miko will work with you until you are presenting yourself how you think you need to be seen
  • Landscapes and other art photography

RAW image disks can be provided but it should be understood that not all versions of image editor applications can open all types of RAW files, and that RAW images have a lopsided histogram that appears dark.  Therefore, high resolution unedited delivery normally includes minimum processing to histogram-balanced TIFFs or your preferred file type.

Pricing evolves with current market for the specific type of photo.  If a large number of product images can use the same lighting setup then there can be bulk pricing on the images.  Food styling using real food can cost a bit more because food doesn't always behave as expected.  Many product shots are hourly and there will be extra hourly charges for fine quality transparency masking.

This Photography Services section is evolving and will soon include a link out to a more comprehensive image portfolio.

For now, Miko would like to leave you with this sample, a Tovolo® STANDZ® Group taken for ICI-USA, LLC in December 2009:

ICI USA Tovolo Standz Stand Up Utensils Group photo


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