Windows PC Systems Support

Miko has been working with Microsoft PC computers since they came into existence.  Actually, wasn't WANG all the rage once?

Miko offers comprehensive support for all versions of Microsoft Windows, with live in-office or in-home visits.  Remote Windows support is also an option.

His experience remains utterly current, with support for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Small Business Server 2008.  He's actually experienced the entire history of Microsoft, from the late '80s onward.  His Microsoft skills base reflects that.

His career as a broad-based Windows PC support person became a full-time position in late 1991 when Miko began work for the San Francisco Art Institute, where he was working as Interim IT Director, in addition to his role as Computer Systems Administrator, when he left at the end of 1996.  During his time at SFAI, Miko managed a network of computers that was surprisingly diverse for such a small institution.  He was server administrator for a VAX/VMS server, server administrator for an HP server, he supported all the Apple Mac computers used by administrative personnel, managed the Ethernet network, and, yes, managed lots of Windows PCs, including a Windows for Workgroups network and a large number of PCs ranging from 386 computers to Pentiums.

Starting in January of 1997, Miko entered the arena of Windows Server and Domain management when he became Associate Director of IT at the American Association of University Women in Washington, DC.  At AAUW, Miko managed Windows server based backups, an Exchange server with major storage issues, TCP/IP address management in a hybrid DHCP/BOOTP/static environment, RAS connectivity, VPN, Intranet Web Services.  Perhaps his most provocative achievement was a complete restructuring of how the IT Helpdesk, which he managed, made best use of its time.  When Miko arrived at AAUW, the unquestioned habit of IT support in response to a Helpdesk response request was the following:  go to the desk of the person with the computer problem, and try to solve the computer problem on the computer.  This could take forever.

When Miko realized the time loss with this strategy, he immediately got a copy of Norton Ghost and, after configuring one PC to have all the standard software needed for AAUW staff, he created a "template computer image" for use with all on-site computers.  To minimize hardware driver issues, all computer models were standardized, because the budget allowed for it at the time.  He implemented a strategy where NO problems were solved at any desk.  Since all employee email and files were maintained and backed up on the main Windows server, it made it possible for Helpdesk staff to simply and completely remove any problem computer from an employee's desk, replace it with a template computer, and connect them to the domain to access user profile preferences and network-based Exchange email and personal documents.  For the year 1997 this was a pretty novel strategy, and it freed up MANY hours in IT for other projects.

Now Miko has his own business, as you can see.  And he's here to help you.

Miko is a progressive, deeply experienced and deeply creative Windows support resource whose support will add value to your company immensely.

VIRUSES and Security- Miko has had a long history of battling viruses and malware- pretty much since they came on the scene as well.  He has manually removed the most problematic rootkit viruses and trojans.  Being a Mac person he often just pops out the Windows drive, places it in an enclosure, mounts it safely to a Mac, and gets to work clearing out the system32 directory and the root C drive.  It's often not that easy, but Miko's up for the challenge and has a clear understanding of which security programs are the best, and which are the fastest.

Miko is Cisco-trained with firewall programming techniques not even needed anymore, and has been configuring hard and soft firewalls, and gateway routers, to secure networks, for at least 15 years.

MIKO supports all client versions of Windows.  Period.  All of them.  MIKO supports a variety of Windows Server levels- you should ask him about this when requesting his services.

MIKO KNOWS WINDOWS.  He's not JUST a PC (as the ads say), because he uses a Mac at home also- but he really knows Windows.  And Windows 7 probably WAS his idea, because Microsoft and its support personnel have certainly gotten years of feedback from Miko!

MIKO is on YOUR side, as individual or business.  Yes, he knows perhaps why 64-bit i5 computers running 32-bit programs aren't as fast as they seem like they should be.  Yes, he's also upset that "Windows Gallery" has arrogantly replaced your ability to use your custom Epson or HP scanner driver.  Yes, he's also not in love with the death of Outlook Express and the lack of an email program provided with Windows 7.  Yes, he DOES know that you don't really want to use Windows LIVE Mail.  Yes, he's seen that you can't get the right number of copies of pages you want to print in the printer dialog box in Windows 7, with an HP printer, anymore, without referring to the Advanced options, which no one even knew existed.  Yes, he thinks "Homegroup" is ridiculous, especially that code!  Yes, he agrees that Microsoft Office 2007 has messed up the fine control of line spacing needed for legal documents. Yes, yes and yes.

Miko is THERE with all these bizarre changes.  He has a broad client base who teach him plenty.  He knows the quirks and "features" that bother you.  He's ready to help.

For detailed technical specifications for supported software and hardware, download Miko's résumé via the link to your lower left in the left sidebar menu.

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