Apple Macintosh Systems Support

Since 1984, Miko has been working with Apple Macintosh computers.  In high school, he was programming on the Apple II and Lisa computers.  In his first year of college in 1985, he had the original Mac Classic computer in his Yale dorm room.

Miko has been officially supporting Apple Macintosh computers since 1989.  He offers comprehensive Apple Macintosh system support for all Mac users- in-office or in-home, or anywhere.  Remote Mac support is also offered.

At the San Francisco Art Institute while working as Computer Systems Administrator, Miko managed all Apple Macintosh support issues.  At the American Association of University Women in Washington, DC, at Associate Director of IT, he was actually the only member of the helpdesk team who had Mac skills: meaning that even though he was manager of the Helpdesk support team, he handled all Apple support personally.

Miko supports all Apple systems that anyone might possibly have still functioning, anywhere.  He is absolutely solidly an expert with support of Unix based OS X in all incarnations from 10.1 to Snow Leopard (10.6).  As a former formally trained UNIX system and network administrator, he supports Mac computers and servers both at the standard GUI user interface level AND the UNIX/Darwin command line level

Miko supports the following on an advanced level (unless stated otherwise):

  • Mac Classic systems
  • Mac OS systems, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Advanced Mac systems repairs and optimization
  • Archive and Install
  • iWork:  Pages, Keynote, Numbers support
  • iLife: Full/advanced iTunes support, full/advanced iPhoto support, intermediate to advanced Garageband support
  • iMovie and iDVD support- full support for all video software for the Mac.  Miko has legal licenses to the Adobe Master Collection (including Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects) and to Final Cut.  And he knows how to use all Adobe products.
  • Parallels and VMWare Fusion virtual Windows machine programs
  • Airport and Airport Express Wireless and all Apple wireless 802.11 networking issues
  • Mac printing and scanning issues including issues with wireless printers
  • Mac drive and memory (RAM) upgrades
  • Macintosh backup procedures using cloning methods like Carbon Copy or SuperDuper- and full support for crappy incomplete (but "pretty") Time Machine
  • Microsoft Office on the Mac including Entourage and post-macro Excel
  • Basically, all other Apple/Mac issues

And yes, Miko supports the iPhone and iPod, but he personally owns an Android G-1 phone and loves it.

** Miko works closely, when possible, with Seattle's RE-PC, Seattle's Mac Store, Seattle Apple Store, and Seattle's MacTechs, and is friends and allies with these businesses.

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