Tip:  Backup your Data Regularly, set an automated backup if possible, and ensure that it actually completes.  This seems obvious but everyone eventually fails to do it, it seems.  Also, you should have an "off-site" backup fro crucial data in case fire, flood or theft cause the on-site backup to be lost along with the original data.  It's actually practical to keep a backup of your backup- or several rotating backups.  One backup physically located close to your computer is rarely enough.

When you think your automatic backup process is working- CHECK IT DAILY OR SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK! It is VERY common for automated backups to fail, to stop working, to issue warnings- especially if a DVD recorder or hard drive gets disconnected, or if there are disk space issues. 

Many people are now using online backup services like Mozy and Carbonite with great success, but online backup is very slow, which might mean that your computer is constantly backing up, if you change files a lot.  Also, if you go offline, you won't be backing up.  And if you stop using the online service, where will your data be?

Last Updated on Saturday, 19 June 2010 05:46