Web - Structural & Visual Design

Miko designs and develops web sites.  He can also serve as your webmaster or we site technical consultant.

With two decades of web-development experience.

All forms of web site development support are offered:

  • Direct HTML, XML and CSS development, stylesheet development- web site development from scratch using Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Catalyst, Photoshop and CMS tools
  • CMS template customization experience (Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Wordpress)
  • Content management system development, from start to finish, using many popular CMS-based site developlment applications including Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, Drupal and DotNetNuke
  • Logo, banner, button, rollover, and page background design- corporate branding services
  • Adobe animated flash header and banner development
  • Rapid development of image and video galleries using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Flash, or PHP-based CMS Galleries like Coppermine, 4images
  • Multimedia embedding and support that includes development of videos, audio and animations for web sites- Miko can even record the videos or take the photos
  • Miko offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services by advising and assisting with the use of Google Webmaster Tools, advanced tag editing, development of metadata and strong external and internal linking
  • Browser compatibility issue resolution
  • Image optimization, transparenting, and z-mode layering
  • Miko helps to create web site that meet handicapped accessibility standards by consistently populating ALT tags, managing page tabbing, using titles and ids, and using captions and better descriptive text where possible.
  • PHP/MySQL database integration and session handling
  • Page and site section securty development
  • Web copyrighting and source-respect consulting
  • Site module interface configuration
  • Site-based products and services payments and shopping- ecommerce web site development- shopping carts

You will feel comfortable working with Miko to develop absolutely all aspects of your web site.  You may ask for a free reasonable initial consultation or request a longer, paid, more deeply involved site planning consultation.  It takes real billable time and knowledge to discuss web site structure and development fully. When helping people to work out their business model verbally and convert it into a web site structure, an extended web site discussion must actually be a paid consultation.

Rates for web development itself vary greatly depending upon the type of page development requested.  Fixed quotes for larger projects are not preferred:  an hourly rate with many projects will allow the client greater flexibility to make changes to web site planning specifications.  Starting rates are about $50 per hour.

Standard basic text and image pages are very inexpensive. However, additional development items on a page or site can each add to the price of your project.  Examples include server-side coding or database integration, flash animation, logo development, and special session handling using PHP or VBA code-

The quality of the work will be high, with speed and efficiency in the development. 

Call Miko at 206-697-2285 to discuss your site plans

Or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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