For all those of you who value their money, are going in for cutting the cord. There has been a lot going about the rising cable prices. Hence, people are switching on to cheaper options when it comes to entertainment. With a lot of TV antennas making its way in the market, it gets difficult for the cord cutter to decide which one is the best and suitable for their needs.

We have seen a lot about CeeVoo TV antennas making headlines. As per the company, they are claiming it to be one of the most advanced HDTV antennas available in the market. So is it really worth a buy? How does CeeVoo fare in comparison to its competitors? Is this just another hyped up product or it does really work as per the claims?

We finally got into analyzing the CeeVoo TV antenna to ensure if it does stand up to its claims. CeeVoo TV is an indoor antenna which has a simple setup. Most of the antennas are quite simple hence there is not much complication in terms of its installation. But the difficult part is the positioning of the antenna. This may be a tedious task since you would need to play around with multiple placements until you get the best one. However, with the multidirectional feature this task also becomes simpler. CeeVoo is a multidirectional antenna thus making the setup look easier and faster.

As per the claims of the company, you will receive more than 100 channels once the setup is completed. Though this is completely dependent on various factors hence can differ from one person to another. Some may receive 40 to 50 channels whereas some just a dozens of channels. But 100 plus channels was quite difficult to receive. I wasn’t much happier with the number of channels received since it was less than the other antennas.

Another great claim by the company is that the coverage range is 65 miles. Most of the antennas can cover a range of 30 to 50 miles. But if you get that additional 15miles then it would surely make a huge difference. However, this claim just seems to be a bit exaggerated. We did not receive that many number of channels, despite the antenna reaching out to 65miles. Though I could receive few of the high definition channels which were crystal clear but still the number of channels did not match with other antennas.

Overall CeeVoo TV antenna is not all that bad antenna but it does not come anywhere closer to other similar priced antennas. The claims are great but do not live up to the expectations. It is difficult to recommend this antenna to anyone. The sales page on the company website also does not provide complete information. Even though it has some great features such as, ease in setup, paper thin antenna, multidirectional reception etc. but still it does not hold true on the number of channels that can be received.