There are Boost Waves of ads mostly everywhere. This product has been promoted on most of the platforms. There is a growing popularity for the Boost Waves antenna wherein it has claimed to offer its customers with “real channel, absolutely free of cost.” This has led to lot of doubts in the mind of the customers.

  • Is such a kind of antenna for real?
  • Are TV antennas legal since it provides free channels?
  • Is Boost Wave antenna, really what it is claiming to be?

The truth is that; Boost Waves antenna is for real. There is no scam about it. It works very well even though there are some quirks to it.

The Boost Waves antenna is an indoor TV antenna that is quite sleek and modern. It can be concealed easily in any corner of the house. There is no worry about antenna sticking out from the wall. Since Boost Waves antenna is lightweight, it can be easily placed behind the TV or under the cabinet.

This antenna covers a range of miles and its weight is just 12 ounces. You also get a 10-foot-long coaxial cable along with the package. This antenna also includes a range amplifier for further increasing the range of the antenna from 30miles to 60miles. It is a multidirectional one hence it can pick up signal from all around.

When it comes to antennas, the concern is always about correct positioning. But thanks to its multidirectional feature, it would allow you to receive signal reception from all the sides. This has also led to another positive effect, the setup is also simple and quick.

If you have any concerns regarding the number of channels that you would receive, then there is no worry about it. You can receive a lot of channels with Boost Waves antenna as long as all the factors are taken care of. You may receive certain channels in 1080p high definition which are coming from the broadcasting tower.

You can expect to watch around 12 to 50 channels based on your location and distance from broadcasting tower. However, you would not be able to receive premium channels such as HBO or Starz since these are paid channels. To get access to premium channels, they would need to be subscribed separately.

With Boost Waves antenna, you can access all of the local channels such as, ABC, CW, Fox, PBS, CBS and many more. They offer movies, sports, news, live shows, entertainment shows and many more. This is a good bargain for $89.99 and that too for lifetime.

Surely quite a small amount when compared to the cable television service. Overall, we can say that Boost Waves is a good work in terms of antenna. They are very much legal and there is no scam about it. With just minutes to setup, you can enjoy all of your favourite shows and movies on the same day when you get the antenna. The range amplifier that comes along with this antenna is a good addition by the company.