Why is TV Fox Our #1 Rated Antenna

There are a lot of TV antennas available in the market. As a cord cutter, it may tend to get difficult to choose the right one. But out of those many, our favourite pick has been the TV Fox antenna. There is no doubt that, we have great models of antennas in the market but the TV Fox antenna is the perfect one. TV Fox can be described as a well balance antenna due to its varied features, great design and value for money.

If you still feel unsure of picking TV Fox, then we provide a list of reasons as to why this is the number 1 rated antenna.

Installation is quick:

There are certain TV antennas which have a complicated installation process hence they do not even seem to be worth buying. If you spend your time in getting that perfect placement and also figure out as to how the device has to be connected to the TV, then it may leave you frustrated at the end.

People nowadays prefer a device that provides quick setup so that they can start watching their favourite shows as soon as possible. One of the major complaint that most of the customers have is difficulty in installation. This however has never been the case with TV Fox antennas. This antenna comes along with a high performance cable which makes it compatible with most of the TV units. The installation process is simpler due to its razor thin design.

HDTV antenna:

How would it feel to watch all of your favourite programs in HDTV format. This is what TV Fox allows. It supports 1080p hence you can watch crystal clear picture. The antenna is also compatible with HD devices thus making your TV viewing experience a great one.

Great design:

TV Fox is a razor thin indoor antenna. Due to its slim design, the installation and setup process is easier. It has a modern and sleek look to it thus blending well with the home interiors. The box would not look out of place. It would seem to be a part of the home décor itself. It is a simple box, square in design. You can get it in black or white colour but it can also be customized to match the painting of your room.

Long Range antenna:

There are a lot of antennas which provide short range coverage. But these are mostly suitable for those who reside near the broadcasting tower. TV Fox antenna covers a range of 30 miles so it can easily pick up signals from the broadcasting tower. But if you live far from the tower then you can get an amplifier to boost the signal. Just connect it to the antenna and it would further extend the coverage to 50miles. Another great thing about this antenna is that it is multidirectional. This means that it can pick up signals coming from all directions.