This web site is in the process of getting upgrade when I get the chance.

Here is a list of web sites that I'm actually working with right now, most of which are not listed elwhere on my site:  - latest version of Drupal 7 - I am the only webmaster and web developer for this site  - a completely different site for our newsletters - I was involved in this site from the very start of building it on Squarespace - I mostly manage updates on this Drupal Atrium site another Drupal site- I only manage small backend issues, and updates - this is a new Wordpress client- I have helped her with her forms, her backups, resolution of site errors, her mailing methods, her SEO - I orginallly completely redid his site using a horrible, frustrating tool called "Sitebuiler", but I managed to improve the site quite a bit.  However, I  urged him to get a mobile-friendly site, so during this past month, I converted the site to Squarespace.  I am not responsible for the content or images on this site.

Also not noted on this web site since I have not updated since 2011:

I spend almost 4 years worked on these Special Olympics sites:

I was part of the team that completely created both sites above from scratch in Drupal, then a year before I left, I took over ALL web development and support tickets.  When my boss retired and another member of the IT department was thinking about leaving, I left the project.

I'm still working on, but it's going to have to be converted soon to a more modern format, and mobile.

In January I am going to convert to a more modern, mobile-friendly site.  The current site has been in the same format for at least 10-12 years.  In 2007 (or 2008?) I migrated the entire site from one web host to GoDaddy.

I completely designed the integrator-associated site from scratch in Joomla 1.5 when that was the current version of Drupal, and then completely migrated in to the current version of Joomla.


One Stop for High Tech & Creative Support

Your best computer support are HERE.
Superb quality visual design and development is HERE.

Miko's Logo represents the building blocks of integrated high-tech support- creativity and codeToday's high-tech world is a tangle of everything. It's a complex landscape you can only navigate properly with some help. It's all quick to change.  It's more complex and diverse than ever. Today's technology is divided into so many highly specialized areas that it forces most businesses and individuals to look to multiple support sources in order to design, market and sell, using graphics, computers and the Internet.  Miko provides the missing link- that needed integration of creative and technical services.

Miko's offerings are uniquely broad of scope and diverse.  Through this one service provider, you can gain the benefit of start-to-finish technical expertise covering the business of information, networks, office configurations, data processing, programming and marketing, while getting added options for creative support through photography services, web development, graphic design and multimedia production.

With more than two decades of technology experience, and an Ivy League background, Miko offers the full range of support skills for all systems and software issues in both Apple Macintosh and Windows-based environments. UNIX support is also available.

Miko has managed help desk support teams as a full-time manager at several important organizations.  He led support teams and managed networks as Associate Director of IT at The American Association of University Women and Computer Systems Administrator at the San Francisco Art Institute.  At the University of California, Berkeley, working as Level IV Programmer/Systems Analyst, he developed innovative coding procedures which led to an increase of billions of dollars in fundraising revenue, and which are still in use today, more than a decade later.

Please visit the different areas of this site to learn more.  Don't miss the Advice Blog, or Quick Bytes Tips section if you just need a fast fix of useful information.

Rates are beyond competitive for these support, design and development projects.  Project rates are rare but may be possible after establishing a business relationship from initial visits charged at hourly rates.  Miko's rates are evolving so, to learn more...


Give Miko a call now, or email him:

phone: 206-697-2285
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"The cobbler's child wears no shoes."
"The estate lawyer has no will."
"The carpenter's house is never built."

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